Artisjet Direct printer Common Troubleshooting

1.Error lights when the printer boot
a. Press the back button then press the rest button
b. Replace the control chip

2. The ink is Drift whe print
a. check the carriage, is moving smoothly? if not, clean the carriage and apply lubricant.
b. clean the encoder strip and encoder
d. clean the static electricity of the materials.

4. When boot the printer the carriage Repeatedly move and crash, the carriage has no action
a. clean the encoder strip
b. The carriage left encoder lossed.

5. When printer switch on, The ready lights is loss, the button is loss.
a. Please replace the control board.

6. The print color is not good
a. Please load the ink icc from your in supplier

7. There is no ink take out when do a print
a. Clean the printhead with cleaning progarm.
b. If it happen after replace the printhead, please check the printhead datacabel.