Artisjet Printing RIP software introduction

1) Open the software: On the desktop we could find two software icons, Use  icon. Then please insert the red keydog and open “white” software.

2) Interface Introduction

3) Import the artwork

Note: We can import one or more than one images into the image stock.

4) Parameter settings: Including four parts LAYOUT/PRINTER/COLOR/WHITE.

The following keys: For quick Setting-up the file position, direction and output print

Top left corner     Top right corner
Center to Page Horizontally (C)       Center to Page Vertically (V)
Center to Page (X)       Rotate
Mirror: when printing transparent materials, we need it.

(1) Layout: The working area/Artwork size/Printing position settings.
a. We need to adjust only three parts: Paper Size/Output Position/Out size/Equal proportion
b. The “Equal proportion” must be “ture” or the printer will be error during the printing.
c. Paper size: we should check the size is 32.9cm*60cm BEFOR each printing.
Output position: we can adjust the printing position accordingly to the material accurately.
X-axis settings is 0.00-32.9; Y-axis settings is 0.00-60.00; But usually we don’t set the Coordinate X=0.00/32.9, Y=0.00/60.00
Output size: this is used for editing the size of artwork accordingly to the material size that you want to print, so pelase keep the same size as the materials to be printed.

(2) Printer: The PRINTER/SETUP settings.
Notice: We need to adjust only two parts: Printer/Setup.

A. Printer: According to your flatbed printer ,please choose the right machine type.
BR1400=Stylus Photo 1390
BR1900=Stylus Photo R1900
BR T-shirt=Stylus Pro 4880
BR Decoration=Stylus Pro 4880
BR A17880=Stylus Pro 7880

B. Port: Select the right port. For BR 1900 flatbed printer that we choose the “EPSON Stylus Photoshop
R1900 Series”.
Note: Make sure that your computer have Installed Driver

C. Spooler: No need to change.

D. Check Paper Size: OFF (Must be OFF), if not, when printing, the flatbed printer will be error.

E. Resolution: If we print color ink only, we set the “color resolution” only, if we print white and color ink, we must set them all.

F. Image type: Normally we choose the Text and Graphics
Note: When your artwork including Letters, you must choose the Text and Graphics.

G. Speed: Unidirection / Bidirection
Unidirection : Feature: High Resolution /Accurate position /Low Speed
Bidirection: Feature: Low Resolution/Inaccurate position /Fast speed
Note: Normally we choose the “Unidirection

(3) Color: We need to adjust the Ink Limit and ink chnnel
We should choose the right ink chnnel according to your ink type.
We could set the color ink limit between 15% to 30%, according to the materials.
If we need to print white ink ,we should set the white ink limit about 30%.

(4) White: we don’t need to set it.