BR-1800 series flatbed printer hardware maintenance

A.Ways of print head maintenance
How to do nozzle check before you print anything
Find out the printer driver – Select “printer preference” option – Select “maintenance”
-click “nozzle check” – click “print”.

nozzle check

If you get the result as the below, it means print head need to clean
nozzle check result

Four step:
A:software cleaning:
Find out the printer driver – Select “printer preference” option – Select “maintenance” – click “print head cleaning” – click “start”.
How to do a Print Head Cleaning and Nozzle Checking with Brotherjet-RIP

B:manual cleaning (Please refer to manual head cleaning manual)
a.Move out the print head carriage
b.Remove the dampers
c.Inject flushing liquid into the print head by syringe (one hand press the interface between the tube and the print head pin;), till the liquid come out in a line and without obstruction
manual cleaning printhead

C:suck waste ink cleaning
When the print head is in initial position and blocked, you can try to suck 5-10ML waste ink by syringe. TAKE NOTICE THAT While you are sucking, forbid the loosening your hand. Otherwise, will pollute the print head nozzles. If you feel difficult to suck waste ink, please check the print head position and the capping.
Don’t forget to software cleaning after your sucking the waste ink every time.

D:printing cleaning
Use the flushing liquid for print head to instead of the ink whose nozzles are blocked.
Then print that color, in order to clean away the obstruction.

  • Yellow: 100%Y
  • Magenta: 100%M
  • Cyan: 100%C
  • MK: 100%K
  • PK: 100%Y+100%M+100%C+100%K
  • Red: 100%R
  • Blue: 100%B

print head service
If you want to go away for a long time and leave the printer to be idle for more than 5 days, you need to maintain the print head professionally.

  • a)Uninstall the print head, and clean the remaining ink.
  • b)Clean the print head with cleaning liquid for print head.
  • c)Inject print head wetter into every pin of the print head.
  • d)Wrap the print head with preservation film and put it into the box.

B.oriented sliding way(stainless steel sliding way) and oriented steel piece
Firstly, clean the oriented sliding way; lubricate it(don’t put too much);Remove the oriented steel iron, also clean it, and lubricate evenly; then install it back.

C.Encoder strip and encoder strip sensor
encoder strip cleaning: pour some alcohol on the napkin or tissue ,and clean it as the below picture.
encoder strip sensor cleaning: cut a piece of tissue or cloth with the same width of encoder strip; stick it on the encoder strip ,then you can clean it by moving the encoder strip towards left and right.
cleaning encoder strip

D.wheel and wheel sensor
a.Wheel cleaning: pour some alcohol on napkin or tissue, then do like the below picture. At then same time, press in and out key on the control panel .The wheel will be spinning.
clean encoder

b.The way of Wheel sensor cleaning: should be guided by our professional technician.

E.Regular empty the waste ink container
When the waste ink container is half, you need to empty it.
waste ink container