BR-1800 Printer Malfunction and Fix Parts Two

3.Ready light and refill light are blinking
Malfunction analysis:
One of inks is run out; ink chip or its cable broken.

  • a.(Refill light on the control panel is off ) in the monitor, shows one of the ink is run out. Press the “clean” button on control panel for one click, the print head will be released. 3 seconds later, press “clean” key again. The ink will be cleared to 0 again.
  • b. (Refill light is on) meanwhile the printer is printing, press the “Clean” key, the print head will move by its way, after this the flatbed printer will continue to finish its printing task.
  • c.If the above steps do not work, the problem might be related to the ink chip or its cable.

Following it’s the steps of how to replace them:
Firstly, choose “printing preference” on the printer driver, and find out which ink cartridge is the reason for the problem, then find out the broken ink chip.

b.Secondly, remove the printer cover.

remove the cover

c.Thirdly, remove the matched cartridge ink chip.

remove ink chip

d. Fourthly, replace it with a new ink chip.
4.Ink scattering
Malfunction analysis:
The space between the print head and the surface of material is too far
Static electricity too strong(flatbed printer without grounding)
The coating sprayed on the material is not so good

  • Ensure the space between is 2-2.5mm
  • Connect the grounding
  • Clean the coating with flushing for coating, and spray again.

5.Horizontal lines appear
Malfunction analysis:
After long-term running, the sliding way needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
Clean and lubricate the printing movement parts, such as the encoder strip, stainless steel sliding way,oriented steel piece.

6.Ink drop from the print head
Malfunction analysis:
After sucking the waste ink by syringe, the operator forget to do automatic head cleaning.
The ink bottles are put too high.
The special environment causes.
After sucking the waste ink by syringe ,you need to do automatic head cleaning;
Check the ink level,  put the ink bottles in a lower position.

7.The platform moves normally, but printer cannot get online(ready to print)
Malfunction analysis:
Power board broken;
11-pin cable broken;
Platform doesn’t go to the front most position
Control panel broken;
Main board broken.
Replace the power board;
Check the 11-pin cable;
Check the platform movement;
Check the control panel board.
If still not solve ,replace the main board.