BR-1800 Printer Malfunction and Fix Parts Three

8. No ink come out while printing
Malfunction analysis:
Ensure the print head nozzles are not blocked, but no ink come out while printing; the problem might be caused by broken main board which might be mainly caused by that the print head is not installed correctly or the cables connected incorrectly which caused short circuit happen.
Check the print head and its cables and see if need to replace any part. then change the mainboard
Pay more attention when installing the mainboard

9. The print head moves out in high speed, crash towards left side when getting online.
Malfunction analysis:
The encoder strip is dirty, its sensor can’t read the signal; or the friction is increasing.
First check the stainless steel sliding way(oriented sliding way) and oriented steel piece; ensure move smoothly.
Check the encoder strip and its sensor; ensure no any damage; check the print head cable.

After solving this malfunction, a print head alignment (on the flatbed printer driver) is needed.

10. No click sound while pressing the direction buttons on control panel
Malfunction analysis:
Control panel, 40pin cable, SCM board, the cable slot, position sensors or their cables are damaged.
a.Check all the mentioned parts .
b.The position sensors are broken or connected incorrectly, press the keys on control panel, but no respond. Check the sensor 2 and sensor 3.

11. LCD shows nothing or black screen
You can try to adjust like the following picture shows, if they do not work, please change a LCD panel.
A.The LCD panel still shows nothing after changing the SCM board.
a.LCD shows nothing
b.Use a screwdriver
c.Turn left or turn right to do the mini adjustment.
d.Until the message shows clearly.

B. The background of the LCD panel becomes dark after using for a long time, the LCD panel needs to be replaced.

12. General error
A.The platform dash out, monitor on driver shows “general error”
Malfunction analysis:
In the process of getting ready, the platform rush out a little(just to the front position sensor place), and the print head moves normally, the monitor shows “general error”. The wrong position light and refill ink light are blinking at the same time. This problem is caused by the wheel or wheel sensor. They are not in correct position or the cable not in good condition.
Remove the dustproof cloth, give light to the inside. Adjust the wheel sensor position correctly. Check the cable connection.

B.After printing, the print head goes back to its initial position ,”general error” appear

Malfunction analysis:
The friction between print head carriage and sliding way is too strong, or encoder strip and its sensor is dirty.
Clean the stainless steel sliding way, encoder strip and encoder strip sensor, then lubricate the sliding way.

C.Get online normally, after sending a printing task or nozzle check, “general error” appear
Malfunction analysis:
Print head or print head cable problem.
Change print head or print head cable.