BR-1800 Printer Malfunction and Fix Parts One

1 .wrong position or load paper improperly or printing table(platform) install improperly.
A.The print head carriage goes to the left side for a while, then goes back to its initial position.

Malfunction analysis:

  • a)The platform doesn’t stay at its ready-to-print Position when the printer is given command to print.
  • b)Load media sensor(sensor 0) or its cables is broken.
  • c)Wheel or wheel sensor is dirty or broken.


  • a)Restart the printer and make sure the platform is in correct position
  • b)Check the load media sensor(sensor 0) and its cable and see if it is install correctly. If any damage, please replace it.
  • c)Check the wheel, the wheel sensor and its cable, see if it’s install correctly. If any damage, please replace it.

B.Refill ink light and wrong position light are blinking alternatively
Malfunction analysis
The waste ink pad counter reaches its maximum value
Error phenomenon
Printer driver monitor appears “service request”.
“Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer’s documentation for details.”

a.Log in the windows system as administer, make the printer be online already, and open the “Zero Setting” folder, make sure no files lost, and double-click “ APSPR1800_Ver10.exe”.

b.Click “Particular adjustment mode”

c.Please choose the stylus photo R1800 manually.

d.Choose “Waste ink pad counter”.

e.In the window “Read” we can get count the value from the waste ink. Click “Initialization” button, the waste ink value will be “1770 points”.

f.If the zero setting has been done successfully, the below window will pop up.

g.If  the below error pops up, please check if the USB port was chosen correctly or whether the software was run by administrator.

h.Close the software and restart your printer.

1. wrong position or load paper improperly or printing table(platform) install improperly.