Adjustment on BR-1400 Flatbed printer program

This is a user guide for the BR-1400 flatbed printer adjustment program.

Before we begin to work with this software, we have to prepare the following items:
1. A working machine. This means the machine should be working properly.

2. The machine with the problem.

3. Connect the flatbed printer with the WORKING machine.

First setting‐ EEPROM Data Copy‐IMPORTANT.
Step 01. Double Click the program and choose Particular adjustment mode.
epson adjustment program

Step 02. Choose the First one‐EEPROM Data Copy and double click.

1) Click Backup.
2) There will be some data after clicking BACKUP.
3) Try save the data or print.
4) Now take away the working machine and connect the BROKEN machine.
5) Then click Restore.

Second setting‐Print Head ID input‐IMPORTANT.
Step 01. Double click Print Head ID Input.
print head id input

Step 02. Input the new head ID and Click the finish button.

Third setting‐Bi‐D adjustment.
Step 01. Double click Bi‐D adjustment.
bi-d adjustment

Step 03. There will be some number from ECO, MC1‐1,MC1‐5,MC2‐4.
Step 04. Put the number from above into the Input & Check.

Fourth setting‐CR motor heat protection control.
Step 01. CR motor heat protection control. Double click.

Step 02. Select CR motor, Main Board, PS Board and CR guide. The
click Perform and wait until it finishes the setting.