Clients from Mexico

I am Nicolas from Mexico,I am a school student and going to graduate from university next year.
My father helps and encourages me to create my own business at home first for making personalized t-shirts.

I got in touch with artisJet on October 2012 by mails and since then I have been keeping asking questions to them for every aspects. As their service and communications is fast,so we made decisions in one week and paid to artisJet. All the goods was agreed to send by DHL which is easier and faster to our house. We got the machine first but we did not get the inks and others in the same package...I contacted with artisJet and I found out the inks can be packed into the printer and sent with the machine together due to the customs inspection. The inks and cleaning liquid were sent seperately by FEDEX and arrived two days later.  We started our printer without asking their help first as I read the user menu,it seems very easy to work with the printer. But I got problems later as the inks can not come through 100%,so I contacted them to ask for help.  artisJet supported us until 03:50 am for their time and we solved the problem..It was caused by my wrong operation for the ink filling from the top part of the cartridge..I should have done that from bottom......I got my first printing finally after that.

I also baught artisJet white magic inks as it does not need any coating and free head clogging.. and it was sent from artisJet Korean stock directly which arrived 7days late than the normal inks... I am still testing the new ink right now as it has some smells ..
We will keep updated about this progress.