Clients from Egypt

We want to share a success story with you. One of our client Sherif hossam who run a small phone cases online shop in Egypt, found our phone case printer on our website by chance, he was very impressed and decided to buy it immediately, but he did not have enough budget at that time, so he chose one mini phone case printer HCP-M2. A few days later, his mother and brother will have a travel to China coincidentally, so he let his brother contact with us and came to our company to purchase the printer M2 for him.  After he received the printer, he began to sell customized phone case to his clients.

Only two month later, he is already experiencing awesome result, his sales volume become more and more, earn back his investment on the printer very quickly and the mini printer cannot feed his demand, so he make another decision, to update his mini printer to a large machine to expand his business.

Sherif got his another phone case printer S1400 soon, our engineer guides him to set up the machine online, with 2 hours learning, he can operate the printer skillfully., here below are sherif’s first artworks.

Sherif sold 50 pcs phone cases the day the printer arrived, and because of his special and unique design, Sherif's personalized cases business run very well, now, he can sell at least 60 phone cases per day, the price of one phone case is 10$ in Egypt, and the costing is around 1$, he got high profit on this business.

Sherif is a bright business runner cause he never hesitate to make a decision and do not aim too high at the same time.

Hope you enjoy the story and benefit from it.