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Which fool-level small uv flatbed printer is best for your business?

Alexa Cart explores the wide choice of fool-level small uv direct to substrate printers, with kinds of printhead, quality and varied prices.

Some direct printer used kinds of printheads most popular is epson Micro Piezo printhead, Konica printhead and Richo printhead, Micro Piezo is the brand name of the proprietary piezoelectric inkjet print head technology developed by Japanese imaging company Epson. In the past Epson printheads were used by Roland, Mimaki, aritsJet and Epson itself.

Epson heads are used by thousands of printshops around the world but are considered entry-level compared to industrial level of the other Japanese brands. Although claimed to be “permanent” in fact Epson heads wear out, especially because many of these heads have to be constantly purged (which uses a lot of their expensive ink as well). But the print quality is quite good (during the moments there is no banding from clogged Epson nozzles!). The DX5 Printhead has 8 channel color, one machine only used on printhead so it has low cost for machine production. The printhead is cost 800usd/pcs.

Konica Minolta printheads
The Konica Minolta team from Japan are recognized worldwide and provide knowledge and expertise. In the last six years the market share of Konica Minolta has risen, especially in mid-level printers. But the print quality is not good for small flatbed printing. and on machine need to used five printheads. The printhead is cost 1100usd/pcs.

Ricoh printheads
The use of Ricoh heads is quietly but surely taking more market share. Whereas Xaar, Konica Minolta and Spectra teams are readily visible (often with their own booth), there is almost never any Ricoh printhead booth. The print quality is quite good, but  on machine need to used five printheads. The printhead is cost 3400usd/pcs.

Becaue print head cost, Prices vary hugely at this level, from $9000 to $50,000, as does productivity. That said, few of these machines are really fast enough to compete on price against the flatbeds so the ability to handle a wide range of different substrates is important.

Alexa Cart, marketing manager for Brotherjet, advises: “If you want to make money you have to go for quality rather than speed. If you have good quality then you can charge a higher margin and that makes a viable business”

What’s available?

ArtisJet 3000U a3 desktop uv printer have break through in technology in terms of sizes, cost and durability, more and more ordinaries can own it to bloom their business. BrotherJet launched the smallest A3 desktop UV LED printer with the advanced DTS-U2 pigment uv led curing inks which is refillable with CISS ink systems in lowest production cost. Utilizing the artisJet RIP and optional ArtisRIP, you can print the dark world by opaque white ink and vibrant, full color images. Omnipotent UV led ink offers unlimited printing possibilities of varietal materials covering from:Metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, ABS, bamboo, aluminum, ceramic tiles, glass and to more and more.  Equipped with EPSON printer head DX5 ,the BR UV direct printing system realize the real photo printing quality with 2880*1440DPI.

It has the highest resolution and most exquisite performance. Nothing less than Mimaki-UJF-3042 or Roland LEF-12. 220ml ciss, The ink cost around 80usd echo litre. The machine only cost around 9000$.

The new A3+ small format UV LED flatbed printer

Brotherjet show at FESPA Amsterdam 2016 1



Mimaki has launched a very compact flatbed, UJF-3042 Desktop Size UV LED Flatbed Printer, which is used Richo GEN5 Printhead, It can produce up to 10sqm/hr, Resolution ranges from 360 to 1440dpi. It uses LED curing, and there’s a choice between a hard and a more flexible ink set, with both offering CMYK plus white and clear inks.  220 ml cartridge / 600 ml ink pack, The ink from japan, ink cost around 300usd echo litre. The machine cost around 40000$.

VersaUV LEF-12 is Roland’s first flatbed UV-LED printer capable of printing on the surfaces of two- and three-dimensional objects up to 100mm thick. LEF-12 prints on objects up to 12” x 11” x 3.94” in size. Resolution ranges from 360 to 1440dpi, Equipped with long-life LED UV-curing lamps, the LEF-12 requires no warm-up time, making it efficient to use and cool to the touch. Because the integrated UV-LED lamps instantly cure ink during printing, it can print directly onto materials such as PET, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, PS and other plastics, as well as leather, papers and card stocks. 6 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Clear),  220 ml cartridge, The ink from japan, ink cost around 400usd echo litre. The machine cost around 35000$.


So you see, there’s a huge choice available and we’ve just scratched the surface.

Beneeits of UV LED for wood coating application

UV curing is a polymerisation process that uses UV energy to change a liquid to a solid. Upon absorption of the UV energy, the photoinitiator(PI) produces free radicals, which initiate cross-linking with binders(monomers and oligomers) in a polymerisation reaction to cure or solidify the ink, coating or adhesives such as stabilisers, wetting agents, adhesion promoters, defoamers and pigments to provide desirable characteristics or colour of the cured material.

UV LED curing technology has advanced significantly in the past few years and is now readily available for a variety of applications, especially in the area of wood coatings. There are many benefits driving companies to move toward acceptance of UV LED technology, such as higher productivity and a more environmentally friendly solution, which more and more end customers are demanding. As manufacturers are developing uv led curing systems, konwing how the key sub-components work together, will help in creating the optimum system and thereby reducing the overall environmental impact of the process and, at the same time, maintaining or improving productivity and product performance.

The benefits of UV LED are numerous and significant for wood caoting oprations. UV LEDS are more environmentally friendly because they do not generate ozone and contain no mercury. The electrical to optical conversion efficiency of UV LEDs is higher, plus the instant on/off and no warm-up time results in a combined saving of 60% on electricity. They are a coll source, largely due to no output in the infrared range. This reduced heat eliminates complicated cooling mechanisms such as cooling air(quieter opration) and external shutters, and enables applications on heat sensitive wood substrates such as glued veneers and resinous woods.

Wavelength output comparison
A UV LED generates UV energy in and entirely different way. As an electric current or electrons, move through a semiconductor device called a diode, it emits energy in the form of photons. The specific materials in the diode detemine the wavelengths of these photons and, in the case of UV LEDs, the ouput is typically in a very narrow band+-10nm. The wavelength is dependent on the band gap between excited state and the ground state of the semiconductor material

Chat 1 compares the output of a 395nm UV LED lamp with a typical mercury arc lamp. It is important to note te difference in intensity and wavelength of the ouput, both are key to understanding a UV curing process.
Given latest advancements made in availability of UV LED optimised materials that give users the same benefits of increased throughput, yield, scratch resistance and durable curing; UV LED sources have become a very attractive option for many applications.

Not only is UV LED curing for wood coatings possible today, UV LED lamp technology has progressed to the point where air-cooled lamps have the performance needed for these demanding applications. The combination of continuous high irradiance with uniform output and flexible scaling, now allows users to implement air-cooled LED curing into environments for wood coatings applications that were previously only attainable with water-cooled solutions.
Industrial processes require products that can work in tough, sometimes harsh environments. UV LEDS are solid state devices and there high reliability and low energy consumption are ideal for wood coatings applications. In addition, automated precesses can take advantage of the LED’s ability to be instantly turned on or off or controlled remotely for varying intensity.

UV LED curing technology is ideally suited for the wood coatings industy for applications such as edge coating, roller coating and digital printing. UV LED technology drastically reduces energy consumption and significantly reduces workpiece surface temperature. Edge coating lines utilise UV LED to ensure consistent, high-quality reults. Machines can be made more compact due to small form factor; speed can be increased due to consistent UV ouput; and the diffuse nature of UV LED light can be used to more effectively cure shaped surfaces, which previously required multiple mercury lamps at various angles.
UV LED is a perfect match for roller coating lines, both for gelling and full-cure staions. The benefits include:better factory floor utilistaion due to shorter, more efficient lines; increased uptime with no degradation in UV ouput, cheaper input stock due to lack of infrared heat; and reduced operating cots by more efficient electricity use and no need for costly air ducting systems.
While technically not a wood application, creating a wood-grain look on diverse materials is made possible with UV LED and flatbed inkjet printing. By using a combination of printing and full-cure lamps, realisic look and more importantly feel is enabled by creating texture to mimic the grains of natural wood. This is especially valuable in decorative and accent applications.

Light-emitting diodes for ultraviolet curing applications, UV LEDs, have been commercially avaliable for a decade now. However, their unique output characteristics work best with newly formulated UV material chemistries that take advantage of UV LEDs’ many benefits. Initially UV LEDs were used in applications such as inkjet printing but with increasing energy outputs and lower initial costs, wood coating and other high performance applications became commercially viable.

The Application of UV flatbed printers in the construction industry

The uv printing techonolgoy is applied in most fields in the world, The uv flatbed printer can print out beautiful photo on family decoration, for example: Cabinet design, sprung roof in bathroom etc.. Most customer start to used flatbed printer in the work, The green eco UV inks causes a big effect, which is UV-protection and strong illumination protection. These advantages make UV flatbed printers are widely used in the construction industry.

Now the UV flatbed printer has become a hot topic in the construction industry. There has Many decorative materials Whether wall papers or ceramic tile, UV priner can printed perfect image on every materials, it will to be help the people to increase the value added of the product.

UV printing technology has an high precision and the color of the performance is also the most abundant. The uv ink With a high saturation and high fidelity, The uv printing result effect is incomparable with that normal printers. UV flatbed printer with fast production speed so it appropriate for large batch Personalized production.

UV flatbed printer can print on dark appropriate with a special white ink. With the varnish ink technology it can print uv varnish on materials.

The materials can printed include: decorative panel, wood panel, acrylic, ceramic tile, wall-paper, glass, aluminium alastic board etc.. So that we can ensure product quality to meet customer demand. be of construction decorative industry refreshing with the advent of uv printer. In the print craft the uv printer has a great advantages. The uv ink can printed on any materials, no need the cost of the printing plate.

UV Printer principle of work

UV flatbed printer for working by bernoulli effect, The siphon pressure is a important methods for uv printing.

UV Printer Inks in the tube fast flow can make the ink tube’s pressure Become small. The gas in the uv printer is pressured, it gave a low pressure environment on other end of level straw, this can making the liquid in the bottle atomization,Two opening tubes vertical fixed together, one is insert in to liquid bottle, The liquid at tow tube intersection become vapourous by air impact. The image paint by a spray.

UV flatbed printer used eco uv ink, it does not contain harmful substances and odors , etc. the stability good, not easy to volatilize.

Tiny drops of ink according to picture needs to be combined by printer, it can make the colors ordered in printhead and sprayed to suitable position.

The printhead determines the quality of the uv printing. The small spray nozzle can gave a higher the precision, but the printing speed might be affected. If the spray nozzle is too small, the ink can not pass through the nozzle to clogging the spray. So It is important to select the appropriate nozzle.

applications of UV printer continues to expand, there has many new market direction, This shows that the rapid development of the UV printing.

Four normal methods for detect the flatbed printers

Most flatbed printers has poor quality, The technology failure, How to detect the flatbed printers performance? There has Four methods.

1. Check the printer pcl and servo motor Performance, You can print an photo test then compare print results with the picture size.

2. Try to print a frame on the printer table and measure the diagonal.

3. Repeat print a picture 10 times, if the position is offset, there is failure.

4. The print color and ink is good or not.

The artisjet UV led Multifunction flatbed inkjet printing technology

UV led flatbed printer theory: Edit the photo with computer for your printing, adjust the materials to right Place on your flatbed table then printing the uv led ink to the materials with the printer.

The uv led flatbed printer can printing multiple photos don’t need gravure plate-making, It can realize beautiful color printing, The printing image can water-proof, blocked the sun,  have abrasion resistance and corrosion-resisting properties. The printer is simple to use and have properties of stability, can provide higher print quality than the traditional printing.

It fully satisfy the mass production, To improve competitiveness of your product.

1. The uv printer used dx5 printhead technolgoy, 8*180 nozzle can print 13.8sqm an hour.
2. Used Variable ink printing technology, The ink dot can changed from 1.5pl to 10pl.The flatbed tabel flatness Random error 0.03mm, The printing precision is more delicate。
3. Used water-cool system, it can Increase the life of the printhead

The Flatbed printer can print out the 3D effect?

Most people understand, The UV flatbed printer can print out the Emboss bump effect, People have a visual three-dimensional, because the uv flatbed printer can print the white ink, the uv led white ink with a concavity.

Yet, there has some people understanding of 3D is not emboss bump effect, it is the lenticular printing with the uv printer. So, The uv printer can print the lenticular?

There has a customer case, Mr alexa has an small business for printing phone case, he wan’t to print the lenticular and he send the materials to our factory, we print the sample with the Brother-Jet a3 desktop size uv led flatbed printer. The result is Bright colors, Precision accuracy, the image have 3d lenticular effect. The phone case materials used the 3d lenticular there is a new application for customer.

Why the UV LED printing is suitable for application in the plastic media

LED UV color printer also called “flatbed printer“, “universal printer”. It can print on any flat media with the pictures you love, like metal, Plastic, wood, leather etc..

The led uv flatbed printer more used of print on the plastic media, like “U disk”, “PVC CARD”, “phone cases” etc..,  Next We will tell you why:

LED UV color printer support the white ink printing, it can be print on any color flat plastic media, the traditional printing processes can’t do this.

The LED UV cold light source give a low temperature, it does not damage plastic media or cause plastic deform with the high temperature, so used the led uv printing the product damage is very low, it can be save more time and cost on production.

3. There has many application with the plastic media, comparison with the metal, glass, crystal, it can save a lot of processes.

White printing with flatbed printer

As one of the few companies that have the white printing technology, Brother-Jet is still working on the improvements of the inks for the white ink’ s stability. For the white printing, we will need to have the following steps:

A: Make the coating By electric gun and spray;

B: Make the first layer printing (This can be white first or color first);we need to make the setting through the software.

C: Make the other layer printing to make up step B.

D: Finish.

Remarks: The white ink is not that stable so far and we will need to print more than one time actually or the white layer as background will be too weak.

If we use the white printing, the colors will be:

BR-1390 flatbed printer from 6 colors( C,M,Y,K,LC,LM) to 5 colors (C,M,Y,K,W,W).
BR-1900 flatbed printer from 8 colors(C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,LK,Orange) to 5 colors(C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W).

See more about white ink printing

The daily notice information of almighty flatbed printer

You need to put the almighty flatbed printer on the horizontal table.
Owing to the working mode of almighty printer itself, the laying place should be horizontal plane, If lean to work, it will not only affect the printing effect, slow down the spray nozzle working speed but also damage the internal mechanism. Don’t put the almighty printer on the floor, especially the floor with carpet, because in that way the eyewinker or dust is easier fly to the inner of the machine.

Please turn off the machine before pulling the plug.
If you don’t use the printer or before moving, please do the power-off protection work, first turn off the flatbed printer electrical source(if you have), let the spray nozzle reset on the ink cartridge cover, then pull the plug wire and signal wire. In the purpose of preventing the ink from evaporating, and isn’t easy to damage the spray nozzle when moving.

Clean it in due time
The exterior of the almighty printer is same as the interior, both need to be cleaned in due time, please don’t leave it alone before it is dusty and out of work, then to repair it. The exterior of the almighty printer could be wiped by the wet water mill, the cleaning fluid should be neutral materials such as water, can’t use alcohol absolutly. Please use the dry cloth to wipe the interior of the printer as fully as possible, further more you can’t touch the internal electronic components, mechanism and so on.

Please avoid press on the almighty printer.

Some people usually put other objects on the flatbed printer, in this way it may crush the flatbed printer crust, some little things will drop-in the printer. Of course, the drink and teacup are both prohibited goods.

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