Brother-Jet a3 desktop small format uv flatbed printer

Artisjet BR-U1800 a3 desktop uv led flatbed printer

  • Small Format Direct To Substrate Printing
  • Printing size: 11.81*23.62 inch (300*600mm)
  • Simultaneous White and CMYK printing in one pass
  • Static electricity Suppression
  • Flash On Ink Firing
  • Control On Demand
  • Safe Cooling Contro
  • Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
  • Automatic Ink Cleaning System, Auto Reprint
  • Industrial Design
  • Remote Control Panel


UV LED inkjet printing system does not have to be very expensive and big size. BR-U1800 small Inkjet UV LED flatbed printers have breakthrough in technology in terms of sizes, cost and durability, more and more ordinaries can own it to bloom their business. ArtisJet launched the smallest A3 desktop UV LED printer with the advanced Brotherjet DTS-U2 UV LED inks which is refillable with CISS ink systems in lowest production cost.

Utilizing the ArtisRIP V8.3 and optional ArtisRIP V9.0 Pro UV Printer RIP software, you can print the dark world by opaque white ink and vibrant full color images.

Versatility applications

The BR U1800 printer is designed to print on both rigid and flexible materials . It instant dry in prints directly on wood, PVC, acrylics, leather, glass, crystal, ceramics, rubber, aluminum, copper, etc…

The BR U1800 is ideal for custom gifts, giveaways, personalized printing, golf ball printing, awards printing, PCB Board, industrial labels, small signage, phone covers, indoor decoration, etc…

The UV White ink enables the BR U1800 to print on dark and transparent materials. ( Simultaneous White + CMYK printing mode is enabled in ARTISRIP software).

Production Speed

Get your job orders done in no time. In production print mode, quality meets speed. Only 6min are needed to print a full A3 size substrate @ 1440*1440 dpi.Gain time, print and deliver immediately using brotherJet's proprietary DTS-U2 UV LED curing inks.


Built from industrial grade components, the BR U1800 small uv direct printer can directly print on substrates as heavy as 20kg.The print output is both scratch proof and UV resistant. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The DTS-U2 UV eco-friendly inks are formulated to ensure the longevity of the piezo electric printhead, the color output saturation and the mechanical resistance of the printouts. Enjoy up to 3 years of outdoor durability!


  • Flash On Ink Firing System
    Intelligently powered by ArtisJet's FOIF system, the BR U1800 printer electronically activates the UV LEDs when firing ink only. As a result the life time of the printhead and the UV LEDs is maximized. FOIF also protects the entire ink system including the ink pump, the wiper, the damper, and the cap tops.
  • Control On Demand System
    Designed for an enhanced flexibility and simplicity, brotherJet COD digitally controls the operation of the LED UV system. It automatically adapts to different materials and working environments. COD controls the UV Curing mode(Bi-directional, Uni-directional). This will result in delivering an optimal printing quality and drying time.
  • Safe Water Cooling Control System
    Designed for operational extra safety and simplicity, brotherJet's SWCC system is built on a digital industrial chilling system. It recycles 300ml of an industrial cooling liquid. The liquid level is visible and refillable on demand to avoid the wearout of the UV LEDs.
  • Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment
    Equiped with sensors to automatically adjust head height and reduce print head strikes.
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
    Unlike ink cartridges, this system allows for 100% utilization of available ink.
  • Remote Control Panel
    The RCP is a software module allowing the remote administration of the printer from your desktop computer.
  • Easy leave
    Automatic ink system cleaning by time setting prevent head clog.

Printing Technology

The BR U1800 ink system is based on an advanced LED UV curing system. It uses brotherJet's proprietary direct to substrate LED UV ink. The LED UV ink technology allows the creation of amazing 3D textured and raised printing effects.

Quality Printing

Using the EPSON DX5 printhead, the BR U1800 UV direct printing system benefit from the variable dot printing technology. For sharp detailing and small text rendering, the BR U1800 small uv printer prints up to 5760dpi in high resolution mode and fires ink droplets as fine as 1.5pl. Nothing less than Mimaki-UJF-3042 or Roland LEF-12.

The printhead itself is consisted of 8 channels of 180 nozzles each, with a basic ink configuration of (C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W / C,M,Y,K,W,W,V,V). . Customized ICC profiles are provided to get the most out of the DTS-U2 UV LED inks, Enjoy vivid color output and color accuracy!

Static electricity Suppression

Maybe some customers have encountered this situation: in dry environment, hard materials such as acrylic and plastic have very serious static electricity. Brotherjet ion anti-static bar technology can remove static electricity don't affect print quality and print speed.

Ink Compatibility

The BR U1800 direct to substrate printer is compatible with BR DTS-U2 LED UV ink, The DTS-U2 ink is availabe in 1000, 500 and 250ml capacity.

Warranty and Guaranty:

ArtisJet Inkjet flatbed printers 1800 is promised for 1 year warranty and 1 year of free after sale service including training, installation guidance, daily maintenance, and problem shooting online. The parts in warranty covers:
  • PIC control system, control board, control panel and screen;
  • Main board and power board for the printing system;
  • Motors, belts and other parts in mechanical structure;
  • 12 months for the UV lamp and water cooling system;

Technology Documents

Users in the world:


Imaging ProcessOn-demand inkjet (Micro Piezo) 8-channel head with 180 nozzles/inch/channel
ResolutionDraft Modes1: 360 x 360, 720 x 360, 720 x 720 dpi 
Production Modes2: 1440 x 720, 1440 x 1440, 2880 x 1440, 5760 x 1440 dpi
Min./Max. Ink Droplet Size1.5 picoliters / 21 picoliters alterable
Ink ColorsY, M, C, K, K,C,M,Y (W=White)Y,M,C,K,W,W,W,W(W=White)Y,M,C,K,W,W,V,V (W=white, V=Varnish)
Ink SupplyCISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) built. Fill inks into ink bottles. Damper type.
Print Speed32.25 minutes to produce a bi-directional 8" x 10" (203mm x 254mm) image at 1440 x 1440 dpi 
4 minutes to produce a bi-directional 13" x 14" (330mm x 355mm) image at 1440 x 1440 dpi 
6.25 minutes to produce a bi-directional 13" x 24" (330mm x 609mm) image at 1440 x 1440 dpi
Print DirectionUni- and Bi-Directional
Maximum Print Size11" x 24" (280mm x 600mm)
Maximum Substrate Size13" x 26" (330mm x 650mm)
Maximum Substrate Weight45 lbs. (20 kg);120KGS
Z-Axis (Depth/Thickness Control)6.6" (170mm) Automatic LED sensing technology
MediaPrints to a variety of substrates including (but not limited to) plastic, metal, wood, stone, glass, etc.
Control Panel9-button membrane switch
Windows® Operating System2000 Professional, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit),Windows 8(32&64bit).
System Minimum RequirementsCPU of >2GHz, >4GB RAM, 40 GB free hard disk space and 2 available USB 2.0 ports
System RecommendationsDual-core CPU of >3GHz, 8GB RAM, 100 GB free hard disk space and 2 available USB 2.0 ports
Power Source100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz., 120VAC/2A, 240VAC/1A
Operating Temperature50oF to 95oF (10oC to 35oC)
HumidityNon-condensing 20%-80%
Machine DimensionsDepth 900*Width 800*Height 700mm .Depth 35.4"*Weith 31.5"*Height 27.6"

Weight260 lbs. (128kgs)
WarrantyPrinter 1-year limited warranty
OptionsBrotherJet RIP V8.23, BR ArtisRIP, BR inks and accessories

Printing Samples

Customer Reviews

Best print I got is KCMY+WWWW from my experience...but with ICC
Fedex is best ...jeje.I got my inks easily this time.
I got the printer head locally and it is working fine.


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Question and answer

Q:What materials the machine can print on?
A:All kinds of materials , including metal , acylic , wood , plastic , ceramic ,t-shirts , etc.
Q:Can we print on materials directly without coating?
Q:What about the circular things do you provide any rotary attachments to print them?
A:Yes, we can offer the rotary jig for circular things.
Q:What is the biggest thickness of the materials can be print on?
A:The biggest thickness of the material can be up to 20CM.
Q:We want to print on all the materials?
A:As different materials can be work with uv led inks.
Q:how much ink on average does the printer consume to print a meter square of colour?
A:Usually it will cost 12~14ml ink for printing one square meter . So it will cost you about USD2.4~2.8 for printing one square meter.
Q:if we stock inks, what is an expiry of a liter bottle?
A:For the inks, the expiry for the inks is 12 months, but for the white ink, it is 6 months.
Q:How many colors of inks?
A:C, M, Y, MK, W, W, W, W
They are opional.
Q:What is the ink cartridge you are using?
A:We are using CISS( Countine Ink Systerm Supplier ) , when the ink runs out , we just need to fill the ink in and do not need to change the ink cartridge.
Q:Which software can I use for printing?
A:We use CorelDraw, Photoshop ,Illustrator,CAD,etc to design the artwork.
Q:What is the format that the artwork should be?
A:The format of artwork could be EPS, BMP, GIF, JPGE, AI.etc, we could import it into software and directly output them after settings based on your request.
Q:What is your RIP?
A:The RIP is BROTHERRIP software which supports all the features on our machines.This is a special software which is compatible with all of BROTHERJET printers.
Q:What are the special features of your RIP?
A:We can manage all the details by this software for printing including:
1. Ink channel option.
2. Ink limit(It is different for different materials in order to get the best printing result)
3. Print speed(Unidirection or bidirection)
4. Template(We can create any template for big quantity of printing for one artwork).
5. Resolution(From 360*720 to 5760*1440DPI)
6. Print area and position settings)
Q:Can I send the materials for testing to you?
A:Yes. Please send the materials along with the artworks and tell us the requirements for the samples .Our contact information is as following: 2709 Room, Soaring Building,Fortune Road No.2,Fengtai District,Beijing,China.100070.
Q:How much time do you need to make new samples?
A:We will send out the finished products in 2 working days after we receive the materials.
Q:how can I get my hands on some printed samples of different materials?
A:We provide two kinds of samples:
a. Standard samples including metal, glass, wood, PVC, and T-shirt etc. We can send these standard samples to you at once if you want.
b. We also accept customized sample service. We will make samples with your artwork and the material under your requirement, and we will send you the customized sample as soon as possible.
Q:Do you have any service for the machines?
A:We have been providing 24 hours on-line serives by skype ,msn or phone calls with professional technicians. If there is any probleme happens, the technicians will help to check the problems and offer guidance for the solution. We have all the files about the problem shooting and videos accordingly. Our technician will send the right file for the problem on time. Also if you need , we can send our technicians to your local place for traning and repairing.
Q:What is your warranty of your products?
A:The warranty period is 2 year (Start from the day of the machine's arrival in buyer's location) for all the electronics parts of the machine. Within this period If any electronic parts is comfirmed to be broken, Brother-Jet should send the new parts within 48 hours by express like TNT, DHL, UPS etc. to the buyer. And the shipping cost should be on Brother-Jet for the new parts and the old parts should be sent back on the cost of buyer.
Q:how I can order all the things what I was asking for?
A:We will offer you the proforma invoice after you confirm the order with us.Then you can pay us by the following three methods:
1. By Bank
2. By Paypal
3. By Western Union
Q:Can I pay by Paypal?
A:Yes. You can pay us by paypal for the consumables and parts. But payment for machine by Paypal is not acceptable.
Q:How will you send out the machines?
A:We provide three ways to you:
a.By air(it's a port to port service, fast as express, but when the machine arrive to your port, it will have some extra costs)
b.By sea(Port to port service, it's the cheapest way but it needs longer time)
c.By express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX(Door to door service, if you provide the detailed address of your company, it will be delivered to your company office)
Q:What is the HS CODE of these machine so we can check the import duty?
A:The HS CODE is 8443 3213 00.
Q:Do you have a CE certificate for this machine ? It's mandatory since the customs wouldn't let me take it at the Le Havre port without a CE certificate?
A:Our machine has the CE certificate for sure and we will stick the CE mark on the machine for you.


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