Brother-Jet 1900 a3+ small flatbed printers

Brother-Jet 1900 a3+ small flatbed printers

Main Parameters

  • Printing size: 12.95*23.62 inch (329*600mm).
  • High resolution: 5760*1440DPI.

Popular applications

  • promotion items(medals, photo frames, package printing, leather, customized gifts), signage(home decoration), phone and pad case


  • 8 colors with best color performances.
  • CISS system and easy to refill the inks.
  • Direct printing on various materials.
  • Compatible with common software, i.e: ps/cd/aucad.
  • USB ports connection.
  • Low cost customized gifts printing.
  • Automatic height measurement and stop.


Brother-jet 1900 small Flatbed printer is with 8 colors and it can make the printing result more fine and smooth. And also you can apply 5colors on BR-1900 flatbed printing machine including: C, M, Y, MK, W, W, W, W. Applications for Promotional items, Customized gifts and Small quantity signage, It can print on PVC, Metal, Glass, Crystal, Stone, Leather, Ceramic, Wood, Bamboo, Plastic, Paper, Aluminum etc..

Brother-jet 1900 small flatbed printer is special for white printing,since it has two cleaning stations which will make the cleaning for the colorful inks and white inks seperately in order to avoid inks mixture.

Advantages of our machines compared with others:

  • 1.High resolution without any lines. We improved our flatbed printer in terms of the main board, power board and control system.
  • 2.Quantity of experiences of study and marketing. 9 years of study and research, 5 years of experience of marketing.
  • 3.Prompt and professional service. 24*7*365 online or call service is available.
  • 4.High end of ink. All the inks and consumes are from Korea with less blogging problem on the ink system. Various of inks are available for different materials including D2, D3 and PCB.
  • 5.Complete USER MENU. Video of all the whole installation process and daily maintenance.
  • 6.Wider Printing thickness. Up to 200 mm.

This product has the following features:

  • All the parts including the head, main board, pump, cables,etc are much easier to get in the clients local area.
  • The problems for the matching between the main board and the head are totally avoided.
  • The machine is easier to get support from the Epson service center in the local areas.

Details of machine picture

Cleaning unite

Users in the world:


Printing methodMicro PIEZO Technology
Nozzle Number1400
Max print size12.95*23.62 inch (329*600mm)
Printer headEPSON 1900
Print resolution2880*1440 dpi
Print qualityTrue Photographic quality
Printing DirectionSmart Bi-directional Printing Mode
Printing speed720 dpi   25 seconds/A4 size

1440 dpi  50 seconds/A4 size.

2880 dpi  110 seconds/A4 size.
Printing methodContinuous Production
Max Media weight10 KGs NET.
Operating systemWindows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/NT/MAC
InterfaceDouble USB port
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese.
Ink colorsY, M, MK, R, OR, PK, GO, C / C, M, Y, MK, W, W, W, W.
Ink typeBR-ECO Solvent Ink Uncoated(Korea)
Ink systemCISS built inside
Ink supply200 ml/bottle
Height AdjustmentAutomatic with sensor.
Driving Power110 V/ 220 V.
Power  consumption36 W/ Hour.
Ink consumption15 ML/SQM.
Working environment10-35 degrees.
SoftwarePhotoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, BR RIP,
Package typeTimber Package with fumigation
Package size L*W*H1000*850*700 MM
Net Weight 60 KGs
Gross Weight 115 KGs
Media feeding systemManual
PackingTimber with fumigation certificate.
Special remarksCustomized service is available.

Printing Samples

  • acrylic printing
  • pvc card printing
  • lamp swith printing
  • glass printing
  • ball pen printing
  • crystal printing
  • pen printing
  • cd printing
  • metal ceilings printing
  • glass printing
  • metal ceilings printing
  • Aluminum card case printing
  • PVC foam sheet printing
  • magnetic flexible printing
  • Meters-Dials printing
  • glass printing
  • scutcheon printing
  • arcylic printing
  • CD printing
  • CD printing
  • scutcheon printing
  • scutcheon printing
  • arcylic Cup printing
  • arcylic printing
  • arcylic printing
  • ceramic printing
  • pvc printing
  • pvc printing
  • pvc printing
  • pvc printing
  • Aluminum Plastic sheet printing
  • arcylic printing
  • Aluminum Plastic sheet printing
  • Aluminum
  • metal sheet printing
  • glass printing
  • glass printing
  • MDF board printing with brotherjet 1900 flatbed printer printing
  • ceramic printing
  • wood printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • mobile phone cases printing
  • pen printing
  • Acrylic printing
  • Acrylic printing
  • Golf printing
  • wood printing
  • zippo printing
  • wood printing
  • wood printing
  • bamboo printing
  • wood printing
  • wood printing
  • Meters-Dials printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • "ceramic printing
  • "ceramic printing
  • Acrylic printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • PVC printing
  • metal printing
  • crystal printing
  • ceramic printing
  • cd printing
  • cd printing
  • cd printing
  • metal printing
  • metal printing
  • metal printing

Customer Reviews

Its really hard to swift from water based ink to eco dye solvent ink for me.. Better to use the extra refillable cartridges for my machine
Oppos, the phone case material types is important... Have problems for my new arrival cases from new supplier...Colors become little matt.
Finally, it arrived , i had to pay 350dollars for tax and stock cost.
Best print I got is KCMY+GOGOGOGO from my experience...but with ICC
Oh, I had better buy mini uv printer .....print white for 1900 is bad...
The ink limit i was using were 100% wm and 55% cmyk, something around these values.the result is the best...this is for good garmet and file..the main, for me, is how best the garmet is reactive to the corrosion....i have been using it for 2 minutes, 170 Celsius degreees......
Haha,finally I cmanaged it.. I changed the old carriage and its printing fine again.
It runs fine again after changing the resetting with software, can not wait for my next printer arrival.
Fedex is best ...jeje.I got my inks easily this time.
I found my RIP in the airport stock finally......The airport stuff are really rude for goods inspection.
Bad luck,,,I wasted 20pcs of phone cases,,,,my artwork for template was wrong.
I got the printer head locally and it is working fine.
Opps,I need to change CISS as the ink light is on now.


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Question and answer

Q:What materials the machine can print on?
A:All kinds of materials , including metal , acylic , wood , plastic , ceramic ,t-shirts , etc.
Q:Can we print on materials directly without coating?
A:Yes , the machine work with ink that made in Korea and can print on neally all kinds of materials directly without any coating, but for metal , ceramic , glass , we recommend clients to do some coating , so that the printed designs are scratch-resistant , waterproof.
Q:What about the circular things do you provide any rotary attachments to print them?
A:Yes, we can offer the rotary jig for circular things.
Q:What is the biggest thickness of the materials can be print on?
A:The biggest thickness of the material can be up to 20CM.
Q:Can we use the machine for printing on t-shirts?
A:Yes , the machine can print both light and dark t-shirts with water based ink.
Q:We want to print on all the materials, which type of inks we should be use?
A:Inks. As different materials should be work with different inks, so there are two types of inks : ECo solvent inks and water based ink . For rigid materials like wood , acylic , pvc , metal , etc. , the machine should be worked with ECO solvent ink. For soft materials like t-shirts , fabric ,etc , the machine should be worked with water based ink . Based on the materials , we will offer the inks for our clients accordingly
Q:how much ink on average does the printer consume to print a meter square of colour?
A:Usually it will cost 12~14ml ink for printing one square meter . So it will cost you about USD2.4~2.8 for printing one square meter.
Q:if we stock inks, what is an expiry of a liter bottle?
A:For the inks, the expiry for the inks is 12 months, but for the white ink, it is 6 months.
Q:How many colors of inks?
(b) C, M, Y, MK, W, W, W, W
(c ) C.M.Y.K+C.M.Y.K
They are opional.
Q:What the,pk go,c. stand for?
A:Please check the discripation for the eight colors stand for : Yellow, Magenta, Matte Black, Red, Orange, Photo Black, Gloss Optimizer and Cyan.
Q:What is the ink cartridge you are using?
A:We are using CISS( Countine Ink Systerm Supplier ) , when the ink runs out , we just need to fill the ink in and do not need to change the ink cartridge.
Q:Which software can I use for printing?
A:We use CorelDraw, Photoshop ,Illustrator,CAD,etc to design the artwork.
Q:What is the format that the artwork should be?
A:The format of artwork could be EPS, BMP, GIF, JPGE, AI.etc, we could import it into software and directly output them after settings based on your request.
Q:What is your RIP?
A:The RIP is BROTHERRIP software which supports all the features on our machines.This is a special software which is compatible with all of BROTHERJET printers.
Q:What are the special features of your RIP?
A:We can manage all the details by this software for printing including:
1. Ink channel option.
2. Ink limit(It is different for different materials in order to get the best printing result)
3. Print speed(Unidirection or bidirection)
4. Template(We can create any template for big quantity of printing for one artwork).
5. Resolution(From 360*720 to 5760*1440DPI)
6. Print area and position settings)
Q:Can I send the materials for testing to you?
A:Yes. Please send the materials along with the artworks and tell us the requirements for the samples .Our contact information is as following: 2709 Room, Soaring Building,Fortune Road No.2,Fengtai District,Beijing,China.100070.
Q:How much time do you need to make new samples?
A:We will send out the finished products in 2 working days after we receive the materials.
Q:how can I get my hands on some printed samples of different materials?
A:We provide two kinds of samples:
a. Standard samples including metal, glass, wood, PVC, and T-shirt etc. We can send these standard samples to you at once if you want.
b. We also accept customized sample service. We will make samples with your artwork and the material under your requirement, and we will send you the customized sample as soon as possible.
Q:Do you have any service for the machines?
A:We have been providing 24 hours on-line serives by skype ,msn or phone calls with professional technicians. If there is any probleme happens, the technicians will help to check the problems and offer guidance for the solution. We have all the files about the problem shooting and videos accordingly. Our technician will send the right file for the problem on time. Also if you need , we can send our technicians to your local place for traning and repairing.
Q:What is your warranty of your products?
A:The warranty period is 2 year (Start from the day of the machine's arrival in buyer's location) for all the electronics parts of the machine. Within this period If any electronic parts is comfirmed to be broken, Brother-Jet should send the new parts within 48 hours by express like TNT, DHL, UPS etc. to the buyer. And the shipping cost should be on Brother-Jet for the new parts and the old parts should be sent back on the cost of buyer.
Q:how I can order all the things what I was asking for?
A:We will offer you the proforma invoice after you confirm the order with us.Then you can pay us by the following three methods:
1. By Bank
2. By Paypal
3. By Western Union
Q:Can I pay by Paypal?
A:Yes. You can pay us by paypal for the consumables and parts. But payment for machine by Paypal is not acceptable.
Q:How will you send out the machines?
A:We provide three ways to you:
a.By air(it's a port to port service, fast as express, but when the machine arrive to your port, it will have some extra costs)
b.By sea(Port to port service, it's the cheapest way but it needs longer time)
c.By express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX(Door to door service, if you provide the detailed address of your company, it will be delivered to your company office)
Q:What is the HS CODE of these machine so we can check the import duty?
A:The HS CODE is 8443 3213 00.
Q:Do you have a CE certificate for this machine ? It's mandatory since the customs wouldn't let me take it at the Le Havre port without a CE certificate?
A:Our machine has the CE certificate for sure and we will stick the CE mark on the machine for you.


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