BrotherJet Full range of digital direct flatbed printer systems

BrotherJet has been in the industry for direct to substrate inkjet flatbed printing for years, developing and enhancing new technologies all the central issues from technology edge-cut flatbed printer to inks, RIP software and related consumables. Whether you are a small business runner, or a large company considering to enhance your existing products line or lower the production cost, BrotherJet can provide one stop solution to feed your demand.

We are a Beijing, China based company aiming at researching ,designing and providing full solutions based on the clients request and catching even over-leading the world wide highest standard companies for the flatbed inkjet printing industry. We all know the after sales services are important for users from other countries ,Brother-Jet team have working on building the best experience working with all the customers.

BrotherJet Artis 3000 small format UV direct printer
BrotherJet Artis 3000 newest small format UV direct printer
  • Printing size: 11.81*23.62 inch (300*600mm)
  • Maintenance simplified on integrated core technolgoy.
  • Enjoy the color accuracy and sharpness on colors.
  • White ink enables the printing on dark and transparent materials.
  • Flash on ink firing system.
  • Ink display system.
  • Continuous ink supply system.
BrotherJet Artis2000 A4 format Mini UV printer
BrotherJet Artis2000 A4 format Mini UV printer
  • Printing size: 180*297mm
  • No printing plate required, good for moble phone shop, Wedding Shop, Personalized printing studio, Gift processing industry, Individual entrepreneurs;
  • Using green direct printing UV LED ink, It helps to print on various non-coating materials, Good Material compatibility, It using inkjet technology directly printing onto materials such as phone case, ipad cover, golf balls, pens, baseballs, USB flash memory, toys plastic, wood, acrylic, leather, PVC, Crystal, metal, glass, ceramic tile etc..
BR-S1800 a3 plus solvent flatbed printer
BR-S1800 a3 plus solvent flatbed printer
  • Printing size: 12.95*23.62 inch (329*600mm).
  • Direct printing on various materials.
  • High Productivity Speed
  • Fast Drying
  • Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
  • Automatic Ink Cleaning System, Auto Reprint
  • Industrial Design
a3 small uv led direct to subsrate printer
BrotherJet a3 desktop size uv led flatbed printer
  • Printing size: 11.81*23.62 inch (300*600mm)
  • Simultaneous White and CMYK printing in one pass
  • Static electricity Suppression
  • Flash On Ink Firing
  • Control On Demand
  • Safe Cooling Contro
  • Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
  • Automatic Ink Cleaning System, Auto Reprint
  • Industrial Design
Desktop DTG Printer
BR-TX1800 A3 Size Desktop DTG Printer
  • Max Printing photo size: 329*600mm.
  • Direct printing on garment materials.
  • ink configuration of (C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W)
  • Continuous Supply Ink System
  • can print on light and dark material
  • Real color printing on t-shirts.
  • Automatic height measurement and stop.
  • Auto Reprint Function
  • Industrial Design
BR-U4880-Plus A2 UV LED Printer
BR-U4880-Plus A2 UV Flatbed Printer
  • 1.Easy white printing with easy operation.
  • 3.Photo printing quality up to 2880*1440DPI.
  • 4.Wide applications from Signage,Name badges and photo IDs,Plaques and awards and Customized promotional items to much more.
  • 5.Affordable cost for UV printers.
  • 6.All applications working sizes. 42*115cm.
  • 7.Refillable ink cartridges. We apply the continuous ink supply systems and we can just refill the inks when necessary.
  • 8.Long durability after printing. Water/sunshine,etc proof.

Since we have varies types of printing systems, please read the following guidance to help you select the right models:

1.What is the ECO DYE SOLVENT systems?Which models are suitable?
A:The ECO DYE SOLVENT system is based on direct printing technology with BRD9 inks onto the products(Signage/ promotional items/stationary/meters/small decoration purpose/and more) made from pvc,plastic,leather,wood,ceramic,acrylic,etc. For example, pen,lighters,rulers,photo frame/awards/trophies/memorial gifts,etc.

The suitable models for the above mentioned solutions are: BR S1400 / BR S1800 / BR A2 print / A1 printer / A0 printer. The main difference of these models are the printing size and printing speed.

2.What is the direct to garment Printing systems? Which models are included?
A:The direct to garment Printing systems is based on direct printing technology with BRDX textil pigment inks onto cotton/polyester productions(T-shirt, jeans, towels, shoes, hat, socks, skirt, bag,etc.).
The most suitable machine is BR T-shirt dtg printer.

3.What is the Phone case/pad case printing system?
This is one of our newest developments [solutions]. Please check

4.What is the UV printing systems?
A:The UV printing systems is mainly featured by white printing and large quantity printing.The printers ranges from A3 size to A0 size.

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