ArtisJet Full range of digital direct flatbed printer systems

ArtisJet revolutionized the color customization technology by digital direct to substrates print system in 2005. We are a company that delivers digital direct flatbed printing innovations, which empower people to create, personalize and inspire their own life styles. We are also driving to provide the business solutions. It's a world where flatbed printers, print systems, software, materials, and APPs all converge in comprehensive solutions, enabling you to start, expand, and build your business brand. ArtisJet's global network partners are dedicated to making the best products and services.

We are a Beijing, China based company aiming at researching ,designing and providing full solutions based on the clients request and catching even over-leading the world wide highest standard companies for the flatbed inkjet printing industry. We all know the after sales services are important for users from other countries ,artisJet team have working on building the best experience working with all the customers.

Artis 3000 small format UV direct printer
Artis 3000 newest small format UV direct printer
  • Printing size: 11.81*23.62 inch (300*600mm)
  • Maintenance simplified on integrated core technolgoy.
  • Enjoy the color accuracy and sharpness on colors.
  • White ink enables the printing on dark and transparent materials.
  • Flash on ink firing system.
  • Ink display system.
  • Continuous ink supply system.
Desktop DTG Printer
Artis 3000T direct to garment t-shirt printer
  • Max Printing photo size: 329*600mm.
  • Direct printing on garment materials.
  • ink configuration of (C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W)
  • Continuous Supply Ink System
  • can print on light and dark material
  • Real color printing on t-shirts.
  • Automatic height measurement and stop.
  • Auto Reprint Function
  • Industrial Design
Artis 2100U A4 format Mini UV printer
Artis 2100U A4 format mini UV printer
  • Printing size: 180*297mm
  • No printing plate required, good for moble phone shop, Wedding Shop, Personalized printing studio, Gift processing industry, Individual entrepreneurs;
  • Using green direct printing UV LED ink, It helps to print on various non-coating materials, Good Material compatibility, It using inkjet technology directly printing onto materials such as phone case, ipad cover, golf balls, pens, baseballs, USB flash memory, toys plastic, wood, acrylic, leather, PVC, Crystal, metal, glass, ceramic tile etc..
Artis 5000U New A2+ small LED UV production printer
Artis 5000U New A2+ small LED UV production printer
  • Print BIG and up to 71 by 51 cm
  • Boost your productivity, 2X speed
  • Optimal output durability by drying the prints in different layers using the all new ECO LED UV curing system.
  • Simplified maintenance due to the integrated core technology
  • Enjoy the color accuracy and color sharpness with the new wave pass control, ink dithering system
  • The white ink enables the printing on dark and transparent material.

Product general guideline.
1. UV LED Direct Print System.
The UV LED direct print system is based on artisJet DTS-U2 ink systems.

Featured by:
1) Compatibility to most of the materials;
2) Immediate drying speed while printing;
3) 3D textured embossed print;
4) Green and healthy for the environment.
5) Strong durability indoor and outdoor.

Main applications:
Electronic decorations, PVC cards, package, giveaways, home decorations, industrial dial faces, signage, etc

UV LED Direct Print System family:
Artis 2100U, Artis 3000U, Artis 5000U
2. Direct to Garment Print System.
The direct to garment Printing system is based on direct printing technology with BRDTG-TX2 textile pigment inks.

Featured by:
1) Green and natural experience;
2) Free skin breathing ;
3) Soft wearing experience;
4) Strong color durability;

Main applications:
T-shirt, jeans, towels, shoes, hat, socks, skirt, bag, etc.

Direct To Garment System family:
Artis 3000T, Artis 5000T.
3. Direct to Print ECO Dye Solvent system.
The direct to print ECO Dye Solvent system is supported by artisJet BRD9 and BRDPC-S2 ink.

Featured by:
1) Compatible to various materials;
2) Fast drying after printing;
3) Strong durability for most of the materials;
4) Shinning print performances;

Main applications:
Electronic decorations, dial faces, wood toys, balloon prints, etc.

Direct to Print ECO Dye Solvent system family:
Artis 3000S.

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